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All About Photography

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The True Secret Of Wonderful Photography Sessions


DSLR means Digital Single Lens Reflex camera wherein the shutter, image sensor and aperture work together in order to produce excellent images. All of these operations are taking place within seconds and repeated over and over again.


There's a mirror that is reflecting luminosity that comes through fixed lens at a 90 degree angle. There are numerous photographers who actually like this camera because this is allowing them to capture the image the way they wanted to. There are also several exchangeable lenses that could be used for these kinds of cameras. And due to lens technology, it has made Rebel T6 DSLR camera DSLR cameras to be better. It's quite simple to switch from one lens to the other to find optimal lens for current shooting condition or even attach specialized lenses. In most instances, photographers are making use of a lens that is made by same manufacturer of the DSLR camera they use.


Of course, there are some exceptions to this matter. While every camera has specific lens mount, there are some independent manufacturers who are selling lenses with different mounts and lens adapters to fit different cameras. They are popular mainly for their reasonable prices that work on almost all cameras. Aside from that, these cameras have the ability of capturing shadows or highlights accurately but not both. When the camera has captured the shadow, the lighter parts of the area become overexposed and seem to look washed out and too light.


Say that the highlights are captured well enough, darker areas of the scene may be underexposed and look too dark. This is the reason why photographers are using image editing software in order to restore the shadow's lost details. As a matter of fact, the detail is just there and it will appear if you lighten the area. What's unfortunate here is that, when the areas are washed out and too light, the details will be gone and can't be restored by way of darkening the areas using the software.


You'll find that Canon EOS 1300D DSLR cameras are so versatile, providing you with range of operating modes from point and shoot along with dial up options like sports or landscape, manual operation where you can have total control of the key variables of the camera from its shutter speed, aperture and the likes. In addition to that, there are other options for light metering, automatic focusing and even the ability of turning it off and go to a manual focus mode and have features like in-built flash and image stabilization.


What's more, these cameras can be easily connected to your computer allowing you to transfer data and manage photo libraries easily. To learn more about photography, visit